I have waited (as we all have) long enough for this joyous occasion. I am thrilled, and I wish you guys all the best for the future! I LOVE YOU BOTH!
Kari Maki
thorn in side

Congratulations to a beautiful couple. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness, good health and good fortune. Hurry up and have some kids so Alexa and Ethan can play with them (not baby-sit them). We love you.
Sean & Annabelle Bain

All our best wishes for a wonderful life together. I wish that Marty and I could be with you.
Love, Barbara
Barbara Frank
Evy"s best boobie!

Dear Jack & Lisa,

You guys really know how to make things hard on a guy planning to get married. Not only do I have to buy a georgeous ring, have an engagement party, plan a beautiful wedding, but I've got to set-up a website? You're making this wedding stuff hard on a guy!

Terry Gale


We can't wait to celebrate with 'ya.

We wouldn't miss it for the world.

Matt & Greg
matt & greg

Hi Lisa and Jack...we love the website and are looking forward to sharing your special day with you. Until then, take good care of yourselves during this hectic time. We love you, Renay & Jack
Mr. and Mrs. Renay & Jack Wasserstein

Lisa and Jack

I wish you the very, very best!!! Lisa, your Mom sounds so excited...I can't wait to hear all about the big Day!!

Sharon Woods
Co-worker of Evy

Hi guys,
Just stopped in to see your site.
Pretty cool!! Best wishes to you both.
See you on the big day.
Love ya!!
Spencer & Marina Misraje

Very much looking forward to your wonderful day and wishing you much joy and happiness. Love to all the family,

Stana Cooper
"The Cooper Boy's Mom and good fried to Lisa and J

It's about time! We can't wait to celebrate. kelly, laura & owen cooper
kelly cooper

It's still not too late to elope!
Mike Selwyn
Father of the Bride

First it was months, and now it's only weeks to the "big day." I love you both with all my heart and soul! And, just remember, I want a frosting rose on my piece of wedding cake.
Mother of the Bride

Can't believe little Jackie is getting married. Wish I could be there, however I am sure I will get a full report from Dana and Kristy.
Robyn Freedman
next door neighbor to Jack growing up

Congratulations, and may love, joy, health and abundance be with you always.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Kathy Esch

Hello guys. The rsvp is in the mail--we are definitely coming!!!
Ms. erin rice & Mr. todd oyler

Lisa And Jack I am so excited to share your special day!!!!!!! :)
Ms. Lisa Oe

Sandy Ganz

What Ever...

This is why you should be careful when allowing people to enter stuff on your
web site! Remember the web is for everybody to share information, so here is
some important photos. Don't bother asking how I did this I won't tell.

These are pictures of Chopper and Rockbottom, boy are they a couple of cute
dogs. Don't be scared of Rockbottom, he is pretty friendly!

This is a picture of me at work, I think I had a tummy ache that day. The last
Picture is my house, if you could see inside you would see that I keep a very
clean house.

The next photo is my watch, It broke, and I had to send it back for repairs.

By the way, see you at the Wedding!






This is a great site. It helped make your gift getting so much easier for a full-time worker like myself! Thanks!

I am so bummed I will miss the exchanging of your vows. REALLY BUMMED!! I love weddings! Especially people I care about and am so happy for, like yourselves!

Jackie, I think back to the first time I met you. You went and got Molly and me some chicken at Pioneer. I thought, "Gee, what a nice guy." I was right!

I look forward to seeing you at the reception to give you both big hugs!!

All the best and lots of love
Angie Campolla



Susan Levin

With much love....Aunt Jeanie & Uncle Al
p.s. It'about time!
Al & Jeanie Ganz
Aunt & Uncle

A message to Lisa and Jack Misraje....

Daddy and I were so proud of the two of you yesterday. What a special day for two beautiful people. Your love and your happiness is radiant! You shined like to shinning stars in Heaven.
As I said in the Toast, another branch was added to our Family Tree. Jack, I know your branch will extend like Daddy's and mine did with Donny and You.
Someday you will be giving a toast at your children's wedding and remember the day you were married. As Daddy said, the "Circle of Life" goes on; It will go on through you and your children. May you life together grow stronger every day with love, understanding, joy and happiness!

Love Mom and Dad
Karen & Stan Misraje

Speak this with an Engish accent. So very sorry I missed your big day. But as Ursula has told you I was in London(please no Queen jokes). I wish you both
much happiness. Speak to you soon!
Big Kiss,
Mark Howells
Exboyfriend to both

I just found this site by accident ...

Congratulations Jackie & Lisa ... Lisa, you have gotten yourself one heckuva guy ...

Do I get to tell Lisa about how you & Matt were screwing around in biology class, with me stuck in the middle, and the teacher yelled at you & me, telling us that "this is not a physiology class" ???
Ghost from Jackie's past